Professional cleaning equipment, accessories, car care, cleaning products for hotels, restaurants and industry.

The company
 Our mission is:

  • To create and distribute high quality products and brands that build trust in our buyers and consumers
  • To use permanently and effectively all its resources and the latest technologies in order to improve the personal and public hygiene
  • To create opportunities for our staff to develop, prosper and build up a career
  • To create new values that are unrivaled
  • To be a role model company, to create new standards, to continue to provide only the highest quality of all our products and services
  • To be a leading supplier of cleaning equipment and products, thanks to our experience and trust of our clients

  • In accordance with the needs of our clients to increase their service quality and to adapt themselves better to the market requirements.
  • Taking into consideration the professional success of our employees, we encourage them to work and advance within the company
  • Knowing the needs of our customers, we provide a supply of the whole of Bulgaria
  • We have developed distribution network and stores throughout the country

    Energy Ltd. knows that must constantly prove its capabilities and offer more than its competitors: in Bulgaria
  • A delivery till 24 hours for every major city
  • A well-developed network of distributors centers
  • A good cooperation with customers
  • An excellent ratio price - quality
  • A team of well-trained staff
  • Availability of goods in stock