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 Efficient, durable, functional and varied

The entrance area creates the first impression of a building. It is therefore very important to choose the appropriate entrance mat systems which will harmonize with the overall vision of the building.

The variety of designs of various mats collections like DIPLOMAT, MARSCHALL and CONSUL ensures the retention of dirt and moisture in the zone at the entrance.

Thanks to their frame consisted of angled profiles with mitred corners, emco GS mats are extremely durable and are cleaned quickly and easily with a vacuum cleaner.

Along with new carpet cleaning system, emco Along with new carpet cleaning system for thorough cleaning of both large and fine dirt and moisture.
Besides their functionality, the full integration of Emco mat systems is achieved with the rich range of shapes and colors.

Trained professionals are always at hand to provide you with complete information for any questions concerning the design and all current technical details.
The high quality and efficiency of Emco products meet all the practical and aesthetic requirements, the client may have.
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