Professional cleaning equipment, accessories, car care, cleaning products for hotels, restaurants and industry.

AutoJanitor System
The AutoJanitor is a unique,
fully automatic surface care system
for both hygiene and odor control.
Cleans and deodorizes toilets ...
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Standard Aerosol System Select +
Standard Aerosol Systems offer
automatic odor control for every
budget. Air Neutralizer refills
provide odor control through ...
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Microburst Systems MB 3000
The Microburst 3000 aerosol
dispensing system delivers power,
performance and flexibility in half
the size of standard aero...
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Tcell System
The world’s first continuous
odor control system is the latest
innovation by Technical Concepts.
Utilizing its patented fl...
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AutoSanitizer System
The AutoSantizer Digital system
attacks and eliminates odours at
the source, automatically cleaning
fixture surfaces day and night. ...
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AutoFoam System
The TC AutoFoam Soap System
provides touch-free dispensing of
superior foam soap to encourage
healthy hand washing while reduc...
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Foam Soap System
The perfect balance between luxury
and value, the TC Enriched Foam
System delivers highly
concentrated, foam hand cleans...
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TC Spray Soap systems are the most
cost-effective and environmentally
responsible. Ideal for high traffic
locations, TC Spray Soap use...
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Bactisan Hand Sanitizer
Sanitize your hands without water,
soap and towels. TC Moisturizing
Instant Hand Sanitizer has proven
in laboratory tests to kill 99....
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