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AutoJanitor System

The AutoJanitor is a unique, fully automatic surface care system for both hygiene and odor control. Cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while simultaneously emitting a clean, fresh scent.

The AutoJanitor’s powerful formulas attacks and eliminates odors at the source, automatically cleaning throughout the day ensuring that toilets and urinals are clean, odor-free and presentable. In addition, the AutoJanitors’ special pad continuously emits a clean, fresh scent, day and night. With the optional second tubing kit, two urinals or toilets can be service at once, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for facilities on set service schedules.

The system is uniquely designed to dramatically improve the overall cleanliness, image and air quality of any washroom. Powerful biodegradable cleaning solutions prevent scaling and help prevent blockages in drains, pipes and traps, hence eliminating breeding grounds of odor problems, right at the source. The Cleaner and Deodorizer truly neutralizes malodors and leaves a modern, fresh fragrance, day and night.
 Available package
600 ml Refill with different fragrances
 Safety data sheets
Programming is easy too. Just select a 15, 30 or 60 day refill cycle. A battery indicator signals when it time to change batteries.