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AutoSanitizer System

The AutoSantizer Digital system attacks and eliminates odours at the source, automatically cleaning fixture surfaces day and night. The LCD display displays key information making scheduling for replenishment a breeze.
Equipped with either Purinel for cleaning and deodorizing fixtures and killing germs or with Bio-Purinel for maintaining drains and pipes, AutoSanitizer Systems eliminate odours at the source ensuring that toilets and urinals are clean, odour-free and presentable.
- Bio-Purinel deals specifically with the problem of uric scale, one of the major causes of bad odours in washrooms, particularly where water saving systems are in operation.
- Purinel cleans and sanitizes surfaces, kills germs, attacks hard water deposits and prevents scale and stains from forming. It will remove up to 99.3% of germs and bacteria that are lying on the surface in the first flush. Purinel is also available with a Mandarin fragrance.
- Purinel Descaler targets limescale and effectively removes any build-up in toilets and urinals.

 Available package
310 ml refill
 Safety data sheets

Programming is simple - Select 8, 12, 16 or 24 hours per day, and choose 5, 6 or 7 days a week operation.

Refill life setting
30 days - 14.8 mins
45 days - 21.2 mins
60 days - 28.2 mins