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AutoFoam System
The TC AutoFoam Soap System provides touch-free dispensing of superior foam soap to encourage healthy hand washing while reducing the risk of cross contamination. Concentrated soap formulas and reliable automated, controlled dispensing are designed to reduce soap usage and maintenance cost. Large capacity refills deliver up to 2,750 hand washes up to 60 percent savings over both traditional bag-in-box soaps and other foam systems currently offered. This environmentally responsible design uses a box-less refill to reduce packaging waste.
Richer, denser foam lather provides a premium hand wash. Convenient touch-free dispensing ensures customer-delight.
More hand washes with fewer refills reduce labor and cost. A new pump every time eliminates mess, clogs and leaks.
Boxless refill pouch in the automated system reduces packaging waste by 35 percent over traditional bag-in-box refills. Lower soap consumption means fewer chemicals in the waste stream and lower water usage.
Automatic touch-free delivery helps reduce the spread of germs and encourage healthy hand washing. New pump with every refill and sealed, disposable refills provides a more hygienic system.
 Available package

1 100 ml refill

4 x 1 100 ml in one package

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