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TC Spray Soap systems are the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Ideal for high traffic locations, TC Spray Soap uses a revolutionary metered spray delivery to maximize skin coverage. Users receive a thorough hand wash while facilities enjoy up to a 60% savings in soap consumption.
Spray soap dispenses a 0.2 ml dose vs. the 0.7-1.5 ml per dose of conventional systems. Available in two sizes, the 400 ml refills last for up to 2,000 hand washes and the 800 ml refill up to 4,000 hand washes. More hand washes with fewer refills reduce labor and costs. The system never leaks or clogs, eliminating any potential mess and helping to reduce costs further.
Spray delivery reduces consumption and releases 60% less chemicals into water systems. The 400ml box-less refills reduce packaging waste up to 80 % vs. tradition packaging.
Spray delivery provides thorough hand coverage of high quality, well lathering soaps.
Sealed, disposable refills provide more hygienic systems. Dispenser handle uses antimicrobial material to help reduce cross contamination.
TC Spray Soap comes in two high quality formulas that help encourage hand washing and meet the needs of most applications. Refills available in 400ml and 800ml refills.
- Lotion Soap with Moisturizers - Specially formulated for frequent hand washing, this soap contains extra mild cleansing ingredients and emollients to moisturize the skin. This formula is pH balanced to enhance the soap’s mild character. Pleasant light citrus scent.
- Antibacterial Soap - Helps reduce cross contamination, yet is mild enough for frequent use. Contains Triclosan to kill 99% of potentially harmful bacteria. Enriched with a special moisturizer to help keep skin smooth and healthy. The formula is pH balanced, fragrance free and dye free.
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400 ml refill /12x400 ml/

800 ml refill/6x800 ml/

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