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TECHNO 6 Aquarama

Technical features:
 - 4-6 programmes
   - Insects and wheel cleaner product
   - Shampoo/ Active mousse
   - Wash with brush
   - High pressure rinse with cold water
   - Dosing of polishing wax
   - Spot free rinse
 - Patented low pressure mousse shampoo foaming system
 - Modular frame in stainless steel to be placed in technical room equipped with:
   - Special CAR WASH pump with three ceramic pistons 160 bar 16 l/min
   - Electric motor driven by Inverter
   - Adjustable electric dosing pump with variable flow rate for chemicals
 - Remote control box to be lodgee in the washing bay, equipped with:
   - Graphic display for the display of the washing cycle phases, remaining credit for wash, total and partial hours of operation
   - Programming of all active machine functions

Technical data:
6.5 kw, 400/3-ph/50/hz, 100 bar, 60 C

 - Group of filters for water softening and reverse osmosis
 - Pump supply

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