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STARGATE S7 Aquarama

Technical features
Automatic car-wash roll-over system with 3 brushes and drying
• Galvanized and coated steel structure assembled with high resistance rivets “aeronautic” type and stainless steel bolts. Direct movement with frequency converter.
• 2 side brushes /in polyethylene/ mounted on trolley with electric movement. Electronic power control. Double cross-over on the front and on the back of the vehicle. Double inclination and locking by cylinder. Galvanized steel sliding beam.
• 1 roof brush /in polyethylene/ mounted on trolley.  Electric uplift with frequency converter. Electronic power control. Stainless steel sliding guides.
• Drying beam following the vehicle profile, memorized by roof brush. Galvanized and coated steel conveyor, with special shape for screens and side drying. 2 electric blowers 4 kW each. Electric uplift with frequency converter. Galvanized steel sliding guides. Snap security arrest system.
• Synchro system: simultaneous movement of drying beam and horizontal brush on pass changings.
• Hydraulic system with dedicated solenoid valves and ramps. 1 dosing pump for shampoo.  1 dosing pump for wax.
• Check and control board in dedicated wall box with numeric keyboard and display.
• Fully integrated preset self-service kit

Technical data
Washing height Machine height
2.10 m               2.98/3.1 m*
2.30 m               3.18/3.3 m*
2.50 m               3.38/3.5 m*
2.80 m               3.68/3.8 m *

Washing width Machine width
2.42 m 3.5/3.62 m*

Machine lenght 
1.69/2.4 m* 

* with ABC claddings available in blue, yellow and red.

 Available package
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